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Are you looking to move your house and need a reliable house lifting Fire Island company to assist? Do you need efficient contractors that can help you with all your renovation needs? Trust our skilled team at Vannoni Construction and let us assist you. Contact us for a free quote today!

At Vannoni Construction our comprehensive services cater to various aspects of construction as well as other services such as plumbing, electrical, tiling, wooden flooring, and heating ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC).

Need a lift for your house?

Why should you consider house lifting Fire Island?

There are many benefits to house lifting and it is often used when a home needs to be moved from one place to another in severe cases of natural disasters such as flooding. Houses are also lifted and moved when foundations are in need of repair.


  • Lifting your home can give it a better chance to be safeguarded against certain natural disasters.
  • You can decide on the elevation level of your house
  • The distance your house is elevated from the ground will correlate to the region’s flood plans.
  • House lifting Fire Island can reduce your insurance premiums
  • With a reputable contractor, you’ll be able to get a thorough job done with pre-and post-examinations of the house elevation.


Preparations for your house lift?

Fire Island house lifting caters to your needs and with our specialized team, we are able to assist you with any inquiries that you may have regarding the entire house lift process. Preparations can include the following:

  • Source a trusted contractor to assist with the house lift – they should be able to consider all factors including but not limited to obtaining permits, surveying, foundation laying as well as excavations.
  • Foundation plans – all aspects related to the new foundation should be disclosed.
  • The moving contract – contracts should be read and ought to be in plain language for the client to understand.
  • The site should be prepared for the lift – preparation can include cleaning out the basement and sorting plumbing.

Our skilled team is able to lift your house gently minimizing movement of internal contents. Preparation of the outside is also essential before the lift.


House lifting Fire Island with Vannoni Construction will ensure that you have the peace of mind knowing that our professional team will not ruin or damage the integrity of your home. We can lift, level and relocate your house with ease.

We offer competitive prices, are fully insured and have over 50 years within the construction industry. We have helped many folks in Fire Island achieve their goals of lifting their home, renovations, construction and lots more.

We get the job done and our services cater to both commercial as well as residential industries.

Get quality workmanship and all the best when it comes to assisting you with your house lifting Fire Island needs. Contact Vannoni Construction today for a free quote and more information about our services.